Day 16: San Martín del Camino to Astorga 

After the early-onset food comas due to copious amounts of paella at dinner last night, Frank and Mikey got some much needed sleep and an early start this morning. Still, the going was rough due to monotonous terrain. Sure, we had a wooded walk at times, but the majority of our first 6km was alongside … Continue reading Day 16: San Martín del Camino to Astorga 

Day 15: Leon to San Martín del Camino

After much rest (well, rest from carrying our packs) in Leon, we got back onto the trail this morning. In what seems to be an ever recurring theme, Frank and Mikey exited the city via a bridge (Puente rio Bernesga). Still, we had some 7km of suburbs to cover before officially leaving Leon. Mikey's theory … Continue reading Day 15: Leon to San Martín del Camino

Day 13: Sahagun to Reliegos

In haste to bring you the latest and greatest news from the Camino, Frank and Mikey forgot to mention two very important things: we have already entered the Meseta (or high plains) stage and are officially halfway to Santiago!!     Unfortunately, the confetti cannon and bells were a bit too heavy for Mikey's pack, so … Continue reading Day 13: Sahagun to Reliegos

Day 12: Burgos to Sahagun

After resting in Burgos, it was good to get back on the open road. Still, as you can see, the weather has not been very cooperative. Frank and Mikey spent the day alternating between jackets and short sleeves. Uncertain skies lay ahead. These hobbit-looking dugouts were pretty awesome. We happened upon the hamlet of Moratino … Continue reading Day 12: Burgos to Sahagun

Rest Day 2: Burgos

Frank and Mikey started off by visiting the cathedral. An ever developing work since the 11th century, it is one of Spain and the Church's crown jewels.   Yep, it's HUGE!  The Escalera Dorada - total setting for a wedding or Mikey's grand entrance!  The main altar. Unlike in many other cathedrals, the main altar, choir … Continue reading Rest Day 2: Burgos

Day 11: Belorado to Burgos

Today was Frank and Mikey's longest journey. However, it was not entirely by foot. Weather, healing feet, and time constraints led us to skip ahead 1 day via bus. So here's what happened: We started early this morning and were making good time. We walked through several villages and even stopped for a decent breakie.  … Continue reading Day 11: Belorado to Burgos

Day 10: Santo Domingo to Belorado

Frank and Mikey finally caught up to their estimated pace last night. Thus, the walk today was less stressful - although a bit painful due to afore mentioned foot injuries. It seems like every town has to have a bridge. This is the one leaving Santo Domingo. Good riddance as far as the auberge was … Continue reading Day 10: Santo Domingo to Belorado

Day 9: Ventosa to Santo Domingo

Frank and Mikey were awoken this morning by Gregorian chanting. In fact, the albegurge in Ventosa starts playing it from 6am until the last pilgrim leaves. In theory, this is really neat - almost magical. In practice, it's the equivalent of playing "Flight of the Bumblebee" with only one cashier while in line at the … Continue reading Day 9: Ventosa to Santo Domingo