Day 3: Zubiri to Pamplona

Wide awake at 5:25am, Mikey beat his alarm this morning! Frank begrudgingly strapped on his headlamp and joined in on the pre-dawn march. And yes, it was a march. Basically, Mikey figured that an early morning sprint would cut off walk time in the afternoon. So on we went, trudging through the dark until…

  Bam! Yeah, that’s called perfect timing. 
While we could have stayed on in the field for quite some time, the camino beckoned and brought us further along the path towards… 

 Mikey posing in the center of Ilarratz hamlet. 

  The importance of bread cannot be stated enough! Notice the morning delivery hanging on the door. 
Frank on the Puente de los Banditos in Larrasoaña. 

  A view of the valley  from Zurain. 

 Large sections of today’s hike were on footpaths near a river. 

 A church at Irlotz.

The highest form of flattery is imitation. 

 Frank auditioning for The Sound of Music?!

 Altarpiece in the 13th century Iglesia de San Esteban in Zabaldika.

 The circular steps that led to the belltower were no joke!
  Frank and bells. 
  When Frank rang the right-side bell, it basically ‘thumped.’ So, when Mikey rang the left bell … just watch. He wasn’t expecting it to be so loud!
  A church in the woods.

  Frank infront of the entrance to Arleta. 
  Puente de pa Magdalena – the extrance to Pamplona!
 Don’t stop now!!
 Entering Pamplona. Notice the sign about  sore feet – very tempting!

  Finally made it to the town square. ¡Time for pintxos, vino, y descanso!

Day 3 was definitely a needed break from the first two. Frank is dealing with preexisting leg pains and Mikey is discovering new leg muscles he never knew he had until they began hurting. Hooray for Camino anatomy lessons!

Ergo, we are taking a day to rest up in Pamplona. Perhaps a short break from walking with packs will help us a bit. That said, our next post will be entitled “Rest Day 1.” 

Final recap: 

We found that getting an early start was the key to arriving in time to enjoy our host-city. We will probably try to wake early as often as possible. 
The church at Zabaldika was truly the highlight of today. What Mikey omitted in his photo captions was how he managed to get us into the 13th century church. Basically, the door was locked, so he had to ring at the house labeled “Community of the Sacred Heart” and wait for a 70+ year old lady to bring a REALLY big key to the church door. 
After turning on some “mood music” (Gregorian chant), she encouraged us to look around and climb the belltower. Of course, Mikey asked if he could ring the bell. Yep, she said yes! After waking the entire valley, we descended from the tower and our host stamped our pilgrim passports with the church’s seal. Afterward, she established direct eye contact and wished us both a most heartfelt “buen camino.” We took a detour to visit this church, but have no regrets at all! 

Hasta entonces. 

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