Rest Day 1: Pamplona

The first three days of the Camino are said to be the hardest. They were! As such, Frank and Mikey took a rest day to recuperate and take care of mundane tasks like laundry and setting up Spanish SIM cards. Still, a decent breakie was top priority!

 Lattes, OJ, and frittatas with bread – 7€ total!
We went down to the Plaza Mayor (or town square) to find a laundrymat With laundry finished, it was already lunchtime. The Basque Country is known for its pintxos. These are basically small hors d’oeuvres that showcase a chef’s talent through subtle, yet intricate flavor profiles. Basically, they’re tastly little snacks!

Braised mushrooms with garlic butter and sea salt. 

Spinach and cheese tart.

 Mikey always wanted to be a bullfighter, so Frank took him to the bullring only to find that the season hadn’t started yet. Next time?
Still, he got to visit his literary hero and fellow bullfighting aficionado, Ernest Hemmingway’s monument outside of the stadium. 
 Always in search of craft beer, Mikey found a Basque IPA brewed by two American expats. Yum!
  We headed to the Cathedral de Pamplona. This is a shot inside the inner cloister. 
Inside the sanctuary.

  The altar. 
Two Spanish nobles are buried at the foot of the altar – guess they have NO excuse for missing church!

Well, those were the abbreviated highlights of our day of rest. On to Puente de la Reina!

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