Day 4: Pamplona to Puente de Reina

After some much needed rest, Frank and Mikey left Pamplona headed for Puente de Reina (Queensbridge). We walked through the University of Navarra campus and through the further outlying suburbs of the city. Stopping for coffee, we saw a pretty rad patio setup at a cafe:


Through the suburbs of Cizur, we happened upon some really old churches before marching on through open valley fields. 

   An abandoned church. 

12th century Romanesque Church of Saint Michael the Archangel. 

 Most of the early path looked like this.  

As we turned the corner along a rural pathway, we came upon a field of flowers surrounding the ruins of a church and fortified structure once known as Guendulain. Mikey thought it was photo-worthy!

Much of the day’s walk was on gravel roads through hayfields and such. While this section was relatively flat, most parts were not.   
 After one hellish ascent, we reached a lookout point where one can glimpse the small pueblo (town) of Zariquiegui.

Like most mountain villages, a central part was the church. We would love to have checked out the interior, but the 12th century Church of St. Andrews was locked. 

After grabbing a bite to eat, we continued the climb to Alto de Perdon (or Pardon Mountain). At 750m, it is quite an impressive vista with a monument to pilgrims at the summit. 


See if you can spot Frank!

 Neither rain nor 5km detours deter this happy hiker from visiting the octagonal, 12th century Santa Maria de Eunate Templar Church! 

  Its double-pillared exterior porch is very atypical for templar churches. 
Still, its sparse interior is quite normal for the period. 
Following our detour, we rejoined the path only to be battered by a thunderstorm for nearly an hour. Still, we were rewarded with this 14th century jewel in the heart of Obanos, Church of Saint John the Baptist. 

 At long last, Frank and Mikey arrived at Puente de Reina (Queensbridge) where our Camino route (The French Way) is joined by that of Chemin d’Arles (a more southern French route.) The two weathered pilgrims above commentate this meeting.
We’ll close with that for now. Frank and Mikey did find shelter at the Fathers of the Crucifixion Seminary Refuge – yeah, that’s what we thought, too! Anyways, we’ll pick up with Queensbridge tomorrow and maybe even a photo-less story about a mad monk roommate! Hasta entonces. 

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