Day 7: Viana to Logroño 

If you know Mikey at all, you can confirm that he never passes on a good deal. (He’s like Trump but with good hair, no bankruptcies, and … wait, that’s a bad analogy – vote Mikey!!) Anyways, the literally palatial hotel was 10€ more than a spot in a bunkbed with 7 snoring strangers. Too bad he couldn’t have enjoyed it more, but the Camino (and Frank) awaits!

One parting gloat: imagine opening up your palace/bedroom window and seeing this unobstructed view of the ruins of Church of Saint Peter! Yeah, it’s great to be king!

 Mikey spent some time wandering around the former church.

 Then he went to the 13th century Iglesia de Santa Maria to get his pilgrim’s passport stamped. 

 The altar was stunning and demonstrated the great wealth of the Borgia family. Those familiar with rhe HBO series “Borgia” might recall how Pope Alexander VI’s illegitimate son, Cesare Borgia, was banished to Spain following his father’s death. Cesare was killed defending the town of Viana in 1507, but the city retained his family’s patronage for long after. (Hence all the ornate decor!) 

At the entrance of the church was a really old icon of Saint James with the following prayer written in 4 different languages:

“Dearest Apostle Saint James, in this pilgrimage which I am undertaking towards your grave, give me the Grace to increase and purify my faith, to love affectionately the One with whom you lived so much, Jesus Christ, our redemptioner, the Son of Mary, Who is the last stage in the pilgrimage of this life. Amen”

 Then Mikey bought some blister plasters and a hypodermic needle to fix his feet! Yeah, this is a gross but regular part of many pilgrimages. 
 Blisters cared for and plasters in place, Mikey gathered his things and headed off to find Frank. 
 Once again, an unknown well wisher encouraged a haggard Mikey. 

And at long last, Mikey spotted the bridge which led to Logroño and a well-rested Frank!

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