Day 10: Santo Domingo to Belorado

Frank and Mikey finally caught up to their estimated pace last night. Thus, the walk today was less stressful – although a bit painful due to afore mentioned foot injuries.

It seems like every town has to have a bridge. This is the one leaving Santo Domingo. Good riddance as far as the auberge was concerned. (Frank and Mikey shared a room with 12 VERY smelly French people. NOT fun!)
As it had rained the previous evening, the path was full of snails! Mikey should not have stopped to snap this picture as he suddenly felt “snail-conscious” about the possibility of taking out a whole family of three. A very slugish and watchful walk ensued.

We have finally left the Basque Country and have entered Castilla y Leon according to this marker in the town of Redecilla del Camino.

This building in Castildelgado was erected in 1746 – only 30 years before the US Declaration of Independence – and is still in use.

We tried to “let sleeping dogs lie,” but this one woke up to give us a glare for disturbing his siesta.


Frank is probably feeling like the pooch above, but would never let you know it – Cheers to the happy walker!

 At long last, we arrived in Belorado. What a beautiful day to walk around the main plaza!

Flan. Good flan. Mikey still dosen’t like it. Ok, here’s the back story:

After spending more than a year in Spain, Mikey has never aquired a taste for Spain’s national dessert. Flan is basically a custard-like sweet desert that every Spaniard’s mother makes best.

Mikey did not have a Spanish mother spoon-feeding him this aparent delicacy since birth, so he is a bit behind in the flan game. Stay tuned for his future flanophilic endeavors.
 This is the Church of Santa Maria (14th century) in Belorado.

Frank outside of the Church of Saint Peter. We walked in, but weren’t able to take pictures during mass.

Ok, so we totally scored in Belorado. Frank and Mikey decided in advance on the perfect auberge in Belorado. We researched it and walked directly to its address only to find it closed for renovations. Mikey cried a little.

However, the proprietress offered us a room in her adjacent hostel at a very reasonable price. Aching feet assented before we even saw it! In the end, we had a full apartment with bedroom, separate bath, TV/dining room, kitchenette, and 2nd story patio.
But, it gets better! Mikey asked about the possibility of washing a few garments. (Wow, that sounds hoity toity. We meant underwear – like boxers, t-shirts, and socks!) Anyways, 3€ later, Frank and Mikey returned from dinner to ALL of their laundry air-drying on the 2nd story patio! Yeah, Belorado was awesome.

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