Day 11: Belorado to Burgos

Today was Frank and Mikey’s longest journey. However, it was not entirely by foot. Weather, healing feet, and time constraints led us to skip ahead 1 day via bus. So here’s what happened:
We started early this morning and were making good time. We walked through several villages and even stopped for a decent breakie. 

Random church in the village of Tosantos – a town without a cafe! (Sorry, but we REALLY like our morning coffee breaks!)

 Finally found breakfast in the next town. Fried eggs with chorizo – yum!

  Hello, proto-uber!! Yeah, Mikey REALLY wanted to hire that ass to take him along the trail, but Frank said no. 

 The longer we walked, the more the fog set in and walking became especially dangerous. While the Camino is marked, low visibility makes some mountain pathways and roads quite perilous. 
Mikey checking out the ruins of the 9th century monastery of San Felix de Orca during a break in the rain. 

After a meeting of the minds over a coffee, we decided to catch a bus into Burgos. The rain had set in and our path today would have taken us some 8 miles over a mountaintop with zero visability. No bueno! 

 We entered the city via the Santa Maria Gate. Mikey said it was like Disneyland … only real!

 Frank (looking especially tan) posing in front of the Catedral de Santa Maria. 
Shall we say another “meeting of the minds?!”
So we are staying an extra day in Burgos as one of our planned rest days. Check back for more pictures of the cathedral and inappropriate poses with statues! Adios. 

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