Day 12: Burgos to Sahagun

After resting in Burgos, it was good to get back on the open road. Still, as you can see, the weather has not been very cooperative. Frank and Mikey spent the day alternating between jackets and short sleeves.

Uncertain skies lay ahead.

These hobbit-looking dugouts were pretty awesome. We happened upon the hamlet of Moratino where these “bodegas” have been used to store wines, cheeses, and dry goods for over 2000 years! We ate lunch in one of the larger ones.

Frank taking a well-deserved break.

Just before the town of Sahagun, we saw the ruins of the 12th century Hermitage of the Virgin and a pretty cool bridge.

Looks like we made it! Sahagun is a medieval town that was once closely related to the Knights Templar.

 This 12th century church (Iglesia de San Lorenzo) would have had much templar influence.

Just hanging out with the Jesus of Nazareth Fraternity brothers. (Kinda creepy.)

But, Sahagun is a magical town where you can even find jelly beans in your bar nuts!

Frank and Mikey worked up an appetite walking around the ruins of the San Facundo Monastery.

The town gate (Arco de San Benito) was pretty impressive too.

That’s about it for Sahagun. Weather permitting, we’ll be hard-charging tomorrow and will hopefully cover some 30km+. With this pace, we plan to spend the weekend in Leon before our final two week push to Santiago! Hasta pronto.

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