Rest Day 2: Burgos

Frank and Mikey started off by visiting the cathedral. An ever developing work since the 11th century, it is one of Spain and the Church’s crown jewels.   Yep, it’s HUGE!

 The Escalera Dorada – total setting for a wedding or Mikey’s grand entrance!

 The main altar. Unlike in many other cathedrals, the main altar, choir loft, and seating is very small. At least two chapels are larger in seating capacity. 

 The choir loft. 

  Just a random ceiling shot 😉

The cloister. Lots of bishops are interred along the walls.  

 Frank checking out the courtyard view. 

 A stained glass window. 

Ok, so things got a bit out of hand. One might say silly, even. Burgos happens to be the home to many interesting outdoor statues and Mikey requires minimal pressure to act out in public. This, combined with a visit to a free military museum and one on human evolution, resulted in the following images. We have purposefully omitted captions as we are confident that you will invent much better ones for yourselves. 


Ok, so we also focused our attentions on food. Mikey and Frank really put down some grub this time. Yes, mother, this was over the course of 2 days! Mikey figures that we can eat pretty much anything during this trip as long as we don’t expect to lose weight. He thinks of it as the equality diet: eat a lot; walk a lot. 

 Fried calamari – sorry SoCal, Spain had it first! Red lentil soup with blood sausage. Yeah, look that one up – if you dare!

Pork ribs with BBQ sauce and french fries.
Mixed greens with tomato, olives, tuna, shrimp, and baby eel. Check your ranch dressing at the door, Spain’s got olive oil and red wine vinegar only! Delish!!

 Steak slider with crispy fries!
 Raspberry cheesecake. This was all Frank!

Chocolate con churros. If you don’t know what this is, you might need to drop everything and visit Spain. It will change your life! For those who have tried this delicacy, you will see that it passed the “spoon test.” (Good chocolate – into which one dips his churros – should be thick enough to support the weight of a spoon resting on top.) 

Ok, that’s all for Burgos. We’ll be back in a day or two to bring you more Camino happenings. Until then, good night and good luck. 

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