Day 8: Logroño to Ventosa

After a short 10km walk, Mikey arrived in Logroño and met up with Frank. A university town of 125,000, Logroño is also the capital of La Rioja - the famed wine producing region in Spain.     We walked around the old town for a bit and checked out the 14th century Catedral de Santa Maria … Continue reading Day 8: Logroño to Ventosa

Day 7: Viana to Logroño 

If you know Mikey at all, you can confirm that he never passes on a good deal. (He's like Trump but with good hair, no bankruptcies, and ... wait, that's a bad analogy - vote Mikey!!) Anyways, the literally palatial hotel was 10€ more than a spot in a bunkbed with 7 snoring strangers. Too … Continue reading Day 7: Viana to Logroño 

Day 6: Estella to Viana

Estella was definitely and interesting experience. Mikey found a hostel outside of the city on a remote hilltop that he thought would be peaceful. What was not  mentioned in his Eroski guidebook was that this hostel is for youth. Perhaps we looked harmless enough or just plain exhausted from the day's walk, but we were … Continue reading Day 6: Estella to Viana

Day 5: Puente de Reina to Estella

Ok, there was a mad monk. While Frank and Mikey arrived late to Puente de Reina, they found beds in the Refuge of the Fathers of the Crucifixion. As they had arrived after most pilgrims and found the rest of the 12 bed dorm empty, all seemed grand. I mean, 5€ each for a room … Continue reading Day 5: Puente de Reina to Estella

Day 4: Pamplona to Puente de Reina

After some much needed rest, Frank and Mikey left Pamplona headed for Puente de Reina (Queensbridge). We walked through the University of Navarra campus and through the further outlying suburbs of the city. Stopping for coffee, we saw a pretty rad patio setup at a cafe:   #mikeywants  Through the suburbs of Cizur, we happened upon … Continue reading Day 4: Pamplona to Puente de Reina

Day 2: Roncesvalles to Zubiri

Camino Day 2: Having rested our battered feet and legs, we woke a bit late and began our second day of walking. Thanks to the Camino gods, it was mostly downhill and/flat. Actually, compared to yesterday, most any walk would beat miles of uphill in the snow!  So on we went along the "Hemingway Route," … Continue reading Day 2: Roncesvalles to Zubiri

Looks Like We Made It! (To the Start)

At long last, we arrived at our trailhead in Saint Jean Pied de Port! We stopped by the Pilgrim's Office and got our sanctioned passports approved by Pope John Paul II. (As an aside, having been blessed by the man back in 2001, we can both agree that he would have been cool with our … Continue reading Looks Like We Made It! (To the Start)