El Fin: Fisterre

We have walked enough. In fact, both Frank and Mikey have certificates from the Catholic “powers that be” stating their grand total of 775km (482 miles) walking over the last month. 

As such, we took a bus today! We traveled from Santiago to Fisterre and arrived by lunchtime. 

Yeah, that’s a happy camper! Frank loves paella – especially seafood paella. 

Following lunch, we walked up the coast. This bird just wanted to join in for a picture. 

Lunch was great, but Mikey was still craving some Camino escargot! On the real, though, we have no qualms about ordering snails at a restaurant. Still, the idea of stepping on one is paramount to murder! Why is that? Maybe we don’t want to waste food?!

 This is the local parish church in Fisterra. “King of the Mountain” (if any of Mikey’s former 3rd grade classmates are keeping score.) Sorry, but he had to go all colonial on this pic!

Wait a sec, looks like Frank made it! 0.0km probably means that we’re done!!
¡Go, Papa!

 So that bit on the airplane about securing your O2 mask before assisting others? 😉

    This is the “End of the Earth.” Yeah, there’s only a small cross marker, but we’re just glad to have finally made it. 

Oh, and we got to celebrate once again! Yeah, that’s LOTS of shellfish. Well, gotta put this away, so we’ll have to post more soon. Un embrasso fuerte. 

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