Mikells on the Way: Part II?!

Well … kind of! Mikey’s hitting the road to walk the Camino del Norte to Santiago de Compostela. While the destination is the same, this is a different path which hugs the northern Atlantic coast of Spain. Although Frank can’t make it this year, you can follow Mikey on his new webpage: http://www.mikeyontheway.com Hurry, though … Continue reading Mikells on the Way: Part II?!

Fin: Madrid

After an arduous overnight on the Portuguese "Diesel Express," we arrived in the Spanish capital. Let's just say this isn't Frank and Mikey's first time at the rodeo as we've both previously been to Madrid several times. Still, we took time to revisit various special places, see some new things, and rest before heading back … Continue reading Fin: Madrid

Fin: A Second Day in Porto

After a month of getting up early to hike, we really do appreciate waiting for the sun to rise. Only, in Porto, sometimes it doesn't! This morning we managed to sleep in a bit late and still visit the church/museum/catacombs of "Sao Francisco." The exterior is a mix of 16th century Gothic and earlier Romesque … Continue reading Fin: A Second Day in Porto

El Fin: Fisterre

We have walked enough. In fact, both Frank and Mikey have certificates from the Catholic "powers that be" stating their grand total of 775km (482 miles) walking over the last month.  As such, we took a bus today! We traveled from Santiago to Fisterre and arrived by lunchtime.  Yeah, that's a happy camper! Frank loves … Continue reading El Fin: Fisterre