Rest Day 2: Burgos

Frank and Mikey started off by visiting the cathedral. An ever developing work since the 11th century, it is one of Spain and the Church's crown jewels.   Yep, it's HUGE!  The Escalera Dorada - total setting for a wedding or Mikey's grand entrance!  The main altar. Unlike in many other cathedrals, the main altar, choir … Continue reading Rest Day 2: Burgos

Rest Day 1: Pamplona

The first three days of the Camino are said to be the hardest. They were! As such, Frank and Mikey took a rest day to recuperate and take care of mundane tasks like laundry and setting up Spanish SIM cards. Still, a decent breakie was top priority!  Lattes, OJ, and frittatas with bread - 7€ … Continue reading Rest Day 1: Pamplona